Catholic Leadership

Photo of Father Adam Stimpson

Father Adam Stimpson

Fr. Joseph Assistant Chaplain 2021
Assistant Chaplain

Father Joe

Photo of Beate Wilson

Beate Wilson

Catholic Student Leadership

Aaron Schmidt
St. Francis of Assisi Liturgical Student Leader

Aaron Schmidt

Hello, I’m Aaron Schmidt.  I am the Liturgy Student Leader here at the Newman Center.  I am from West Brooklyn, Illinois and I am currently studying Physical Education here at WIU.  I am excited to be a part of the Newman Center as it has gifted me with so many new opportunities to meet people, learn more about my faith, and grow closer to the surrounding community.  As the Liturgy Student Leader I am in charge of making sure mass runs smoothly, Catholic events, and religious engagement.  So if you are interested in helping with any of these things please contact me at  

God Bless!

Jessia gill
St. Francis of Assisi Student Council President.

Jessica Gil Cardenas

Hi my name is Jessica Gil Cardenas I am the Newman council president and I am very excited on working with the Newman center.
As Newman council president one of the most important duties is community outreach, we have many exciting opportunities and events this semester. If you have any questions or would want to be included in these events or volunteer opportunities feel free to contact me

marietta ude
international student amabassador and student music coordinator

Marietta Ude

 I’m Marietta Ude, a grad student in the Department of Communication. 
I’ve always been a Catholic right from birth but as I grew older, It became harder for me to imagine my life outside from the Catholic faith. The Newman center has helped me in so many ways especially spiritually and mentally. Through my role as a liturgical leader, I want to make known the love of Christ to everyone and also emphasize on the importance of charity, kindness and empathy.
I am thrilled to work with individuals from different parts of the world as the International student ambassador. 
Although we’re all individually different, I am certain we all share a bond as Catholics!

Newman Center Students

Ini Global Studies
International Student Ambassader

Ini Odukoya

 I’m inioluwa odukoya , a grad student in the Department of Applied Statistics and Decision Analytics . 
The Newman center has helped me in so many ways especially spiritually and mentally. I have found a place like home here where I get to meet different amazing individuals from different culture .Through my role as an international Ambassador I want to make known the love of Christ to everyone and also make a lot of international students feel at home and find a place like home . 
Photo of Dietrich Gossmeyer
student employee and assistant music coordinator


 I am Junior Music Education Major at WIU. I am super excited to be helping with music and choir at the Newman Center. 
Jackie Armenta
Vice President of Newman Student Council and Student Employee


I’m Jackie Armenta, a senior undergraduate studying psychology and education here at Western Illinois University. I grew up Catholic my whole life, I come from a very religious household and understand the importance of building a closer relationship with your Catholic faith.  Since my freshman year, the St. Francis Newman Center has helped me tremendously with growing my faith, meeting new people, and understanding the importance of kindness and charity. Through my role as Vice President, I want to make certain that all are welcomed (community members and students) at the center so that our community can grow and support one another. I hope through my role to help others learn about our various volunteer opportunities, religious engagement, and social events. 

pic august
Student Employee


Hello my name is Atoria Cooper. I am a sophmore at Western Illinois University. I am currently majoring in Pre-Veterinary sciences. Becoming a student worker at the Newman Center has given me a great opportunity to meet new people I am excited to share my experiences as well.

Keaton Fall 2023
Newman Council Secretary


 I am from Geneseo, Illinois. I just started my freshman year at Western and am currently majoring in Broadcast Production.

Andrew Dandrea
Student Employee/Sunday Tech Guy


Andrew is in his senior year at WIU completing his bachelor’s in information systems with a minor in management. Whether at home or on the road, he is your go-to guy for any tech issues at the Newman Center.

Annaliese FL 22
Student Employee


Hello, my name is Annaliese Goc and I am a freshman at WIU majoring in Agricultural Education. Growing up Catholic, I understand the importance of my relationship with God, and the Newman Center has helped develop that relationship. I was given the opportunity to work at the Newman Center while still in high school and do not regret taking it. Throughout my time working here, I have established a healthier relationship with my faith and it has given me the opportunity to meet many great people.

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