Newman Center Bible Study

Newman Center Bible Study 2023-2024

The Bible study this fall will take us through St. Paul’s letters to the Philippians and to the
Colossians. St. Paul pours out his heart to the new Christian believers in those regions, who are
learning what it means to know intimately the living Christ, who is now supreme over all earthly
These letters offer us guidelines for how to live our lives in a way that connects our earthly
reality and challenges to the heavenly reality of Christ’s power, which He offers to us through
His loving promises of help, strength, and peace. We’ll focus on how the spiritual significance
of our day-to-day lives provides meaning far greater than mere earthly priorities as we set our
eyes on Christ and love our neighbor as Christ taught us.

I am very much looking forward to sharing with you and learning from you as the Holy Spirit
guides our devotional time together.  Please always feel free to email me with any questions or
concerns you have.
The peace of Christ be with you!
Susan Courter

Photo of Susan Courter

Come celebrate with us the First Sunday of Advent December 3, 2023 at 12:00pm.